OpenCobol and PSPad how-to


Here is a method to be able to use OpenCobol (an open compiler for UNIX systems, including, GNU/Linux, and Ms Windows) with PSPad (a free text editor).
Find OpenCobol here : (release used : binaries 1.1 from Kiska here)
Find PSPad here : ( release used : PSPad 4.5.4).

Why ?

PSPad is stable, has a lot of features, is free and supports well console-type collaboration with other tools.
OpenCobol is a quite good COBOL compiler (some documentation, stable), and is free.
It is usefull to create and open .cob files with PSPad, and compile them from it.


This tutorial is working on Ms Windows 7 Professional. It should works on any Ms Windows installation.
Download and install OpenCobol binaries in c:\OpenCobol\ directory (seems to be mandatory, or at least very difficult to override).
Download and install PSPad anywhere.

Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express (2010, or maybe newer release). It is free as in beer.
Use "Start Menu" > "Parameters" > "Panel" > "System" > "Advanced" > "Environment variables" to add ";c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE;c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\Bin" at the end of "Path" variable (in "User" or "System" section ; you may check that these directories exists on your disk).

In PSPad, modify settings :


This shoud work, create a new .cob file anywhere with PSPad, and hit Ctrl+F9 :



       PROGRAM-ID. test



           DISPLAY "OK, thanks askywhale".

       END PROGRAM test.


More infos and comments

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askywhale, 2011