FTP Sync

FTP Sync is a simple tool that automatically update a FTP folder, depending of the modifications in a local folder.
Run the tool, change configuration (FTP parameters, including local and remote directories), then press [Start].

From now, each time a file is added or modified in this directory (or subdirectories), it is uploaded.

Non-existant directories are not created.

Use [Start & Stop] to make it search one time, then pause.

Call with parameters "start" or "startstop" to make it start at the start of the application (as if buttons were clicked on), example : ftpsynchro start.

20120407 : Parameters
20061229 : New release, more features.
20060104 : New release, more features.

Use is discouraged with local directory filled with more than 10,000 files.

FTP Sync is freeware.

Download ftpsync here.

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