Build-a-map - beta

Here is a small non-interactive tool to create a high definition beautiful image of a map, in PHP, from a standard source image.

This result should fit for printing for table games, or used in video games.



Download here

This script is under GPL

See a sample result on the right =====>

How to


Proposed methodology to use it :

Prepare a map

The source image must be a .GIF file, with all places clearly defined and colored (so, as .gif is limited to 256 colors, and 1 of them will be for the sea, only 255 different domains may be drawn - more will not make the script fail).

The source image can have any size (but the higher definition the better). No transparency is used.

A good way to do it is :

The result should be like the image on the right

Run the script

Use the map

You should end your work by painting items, stamps... on your map, using any drawing tool.

Help !

Ask for any help, or propose modification here.

askywhale, 2009