Parser is a free (for non commercial use only) plugin for Virtualdub. See also avi2ascii.
Download here


Parser is a (very slow) filter for virtual dub that compute a expression in real-time.

How to use

Download virtual dub (
Download parser and put it into the plugins directory of Virtualdub.
Launch Virtualub and open your .avi, .mpeg...
Go to video...filters...add, and add parser.
Change the parameters (see below), and press "Ok".
Press "Ok" again to go back to the main window of Virtualdub.

Launch the process (the tiny arrow with a "o").



The parser has been made with parse/eval lite -Parser/Evaluator Version 0.6- Copyright in May of 2000, by Massago, Sadao in ICMC - Brazil.

Here is a link to avi2ascii.
Here is a major link to Virtualdub plugins.

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