You can download here a SDK for designing your own plugins in C++.
You should rename and use default.cpp, link with usual library for windows, building a DLL.

Why develop on InfinitePlay ?

This is the first time that programming a game is so easy.
There are only a few functions to complete, all simple, easy to understand and generaly short.
Most of the classic games can be coded in no more than a few hours.
4 Samples included, fully commented.
Lastly, without any source code from you, your game will be able to be played by network, by email and in most of the case against a good and human-like ai.

Technical details ?

- Network play (use TCP-IP).
- E-mail play (use POP3 and SMTP).
- AI is a tree-search with alpha-beta, principal variation search and humanization heuristics (soon : null-move heuristics), and can be completed with external source-code from you (opening table for instance). This ai is particulary adapted for chess-like games, wargames, and so on.

Download SDK now !

Soon here : FAQ from forum

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