17-05-19 GPLed, full source (and so game interface) available on https://github.com/askywhale/infiniteplay2
17-05-19 Release 2.0 online, in c#. Two more games inside.
03-06-06 Some network issue corrected.
03-01-26 Take back crash corrected. Draughts : draw game added after 25 no jump moves.
03-01-18 Surrender menu added, AI enhanced
03-01-11 A bug in draughts corrected; added file association; thanks to PB for spellchecking !
03-01-08 Draughts load/save error corrected
02-12-17 Beta 0.97.2 downloadable from now (corrected : draught graphical errors; added : moving statusBar messages)
02-12-15 Beta 0.97.1 downloadable from now (corrected : network window closing, maximization redrawing)
02-12-08 Beta 0.97 downloadable from now (corrected fx on WinXP)
02-12-06 Third beta (0.96.1) downloadable from now
02-11-18 Default.cpp added in SDK
02-11-17 SDK updated
02-11-08 Third beta very soon
02-09-20 Draughts added
02-06-18 Third beta delayed (network problems)
02-04-31 Second public beta released
02-04-26 First public beta released
02-04-24 Site opened. Need help because of our poor english, please send us email if you see a spelling mistake.

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