Download the software, then run it.


Click on "Games" and choose a game.
Then click on "New game against computer", or "Multiplayer game", depending of number of human players you want (0...max).
From now on you are playing.


There are several options for AI : its level (bad...excellent), a limitation of total time, and a list of virtual players. Choose in this list the AI players you want to play against. Opponent player will be selected from this list. Although these 7 players have quite the same level, they are all different.
There are also options for email game : choose POP and SMP options like in your usual email software.

Play by email

Start a match as any other (multiplayer match) then do your move, and use "Send this" to send the match to a friend (You can add friend's email in the option box, then they will appear in front of the "Send this" menu).
The opponent checks his email with "Receive". If he has received a match from somebody, the interface will change to ajust to the right game, and he can play, then send back the emails with "Send this". Email that are not from InfinitePlay are not deleted, so you can use your usual mail box with infinite play.

Network play

Set yourself as "Joinable", then wait. Somebody can now "Join" you, and a new chat window will appear. Remote player will replace an AI player, so you should now start a "New game against computer", and remote players will replace AI players automaticaly. From Now you can play.

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